Moon Matrix

The Moon Matrix—According to the venerable Icke, the Moon is giant spaceship containing aliens who control our minds by broadcasting an hallucination known as reality

Oh, he’s so creative. He hijacks The Matrix movie plotline, then has the audacity to claim this is a plausible explanation for the collective experience we call reality. Does this steaming pile of Yak’s dung really need debunking? Oh well, here goes…

To support his ‘theory’, Icke claims the Moon is in fact hollow. Before we go any further into the realms of the Moon’s alleged alien inhabitants and their thought control apparatus, let’s just examine the plausibility of the hollow moon theory:

When the Apollo astronauts landed on the Moon, they conducted various scientific experiments. One of these experiments, The Passive Seismic Experiment conducted by the astronauts of Apollo 14, determined that the Moon has a similiar core to the Earth’s. Where it differs from Earth is a partially molten boundary layer around the core estimated to have a radius of nearly 300 miles. These seismometers were first deployed in 1969 and they recorded continuous lunar seismic activity ’til 1977. (click on the image to see larger picture)

The scientists were able to distinguish Moonquakes (God, I hope HAARP can’t reach to the bloody moon!!!) from other seismic activity, and this gave them further insights as to the composition of the Moon’s interior.

Well, I know a lot of  conspiracists don’t believe that man ever went to the moon in the first place, so let’s try another approach:

Science tells us that gravitational pull of any planet or moon is determined by its mass. If in fact the Moon was hollow, the observed gravitational pull of the moon would require its crust to be incredibly dense. I was under the impression that UFO’s were supposed to be incredibly light, if we’re to believe the stories about captured alien spacecraft. If this is the case, why would they build a giant spaceship with an incredibly dense hull?

There is absolutely no scientific evidence of any kind anywhere that shows the Moon is either hollow or a giant spaceship. Although, I can’t prove this to Icke and his followers, the burden of proof is actually with them. Because all the evidence shows the moon is solid, Icke needs to provide evidence for the Moon being hollow and that it contains aliens.

If there’s anybody out there with any scientific evidence which contraverts anything I’ve written here, I would be most glad to read it.




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