David Icke heard about Jimmy Savile being a paedophile, from the early days of his BBC career and said nothing!!!


David Icke’s been boasting recently, how clever he was for revealing that Jimmy Savile was a paedophile back in 2011, and how nobody else believed him at the time. What I want to know is this—how many years ago did David Icke, really know about Jimmy Savile sexually abusing hundreds of children while working at […] Read more »

Icke applauded by the brain dead at Bestival…


Icke has been spewing more inane drivel at the Bestival, on the Isle of Wight, and some people have voiced their disapproval, as Icke vented the surreal contents of his somewhat, alcohol sodden spleen. As usual, the great leader describes these dissenting voices, as the voices of morons with his customary compassion, understanding and loving […] Read more »

Afro Americans kill 85 times more people than Israel annually!!!


This is the ultimate hypocrisy of David Icke and the left wing—completely ignoring the 8,000 – 9,000 murders carried out by Afro Americans every year, whilst protesting the 100 Palestians who are shot annually by the Israeli Defence Force (IDF). What could possibly be more hypocritical than that??? David Icke is always claiming he is […] Read more »

What about when US Police are violently attacked by criminals?

David Icke is always featuring youtube videos of US police, attacking ‘innocent’ victims on his website. I would imagine this is to help support his theory, that America is being turned into some kind of fascist, police state. I’ve decided to feature some youtube videos of criminals, violently attacking US Police, so as to bring […] Read more »

David Icke is a Holocaust denier!


Icke’s up to his usual tricks of spreading nasty holocaust denial propaganda—He’s advocating reading James Bacque’s book: Other Losses, which claims that US General Dwight Eisenhower, deliberately caused the deaths of a million German prisoners in internment camps from 1944 to 1949. This book has been reviewed by many internationally respected professional historians, and is […] Read more »

Pure, undiluted — BULLSHIT!!! …


  David Icke is just a huge fraud—He claims he doesn’t have much money and he says he is motivated to do what he does, because of a need to do what is right: What total cobblers!!! I’ve never heard so much bullshit in my entire life In October, Icke the Almighty will grace the […] Read more »

Icke lies about Bin Laden assassination


The Bin Laden assassination really is a godsend for David Icke et al—US commandos kill the most elusive terrorist on the planet and dump his corpse into the sea. President Obama then refuses to release any pictures of Bin Laden’s corpse, because he claims the pictures are too gory. Read more »

Moon Matrix


The Moon Matrix—According to the venerable Icke, the Moon is giant spaceship containing aliens who control our minds by broadcasting an hallucination known as reality Oh, he’s so creative. He hijacks The Matrix movie plotline, then has the audacity to claim this is a plausible explanation for the collective experience we call reality. Does this […] Read more »

Dr Death


Tullio Simoncini or Dr Death as I call him, has a controversial ‘theory’ – All cancer is nothing more than a reaction to excess Candida fungus. He also claims that cancer can be treated effectively with bicarbonate of soda!!! Icke apparently also subscribes to this ludicrous ‘theory’.  Read more »

Global Warming

Icke is a global warming denier. He claimed that the recent cold winter was further evidence that global warming is a hoax. What about the current weather, which is the hottest April since records began? You’ve gone very quiet on the subject of weather Icke. Why’s this? Only mention the weather when it suits your […] Read more »