Icke is now jumping onto the HAARP bandwagon like all the other idiots, saying it’s responsible for causing the recent earthquake which devasted Japan. Icke also claims it’s responsible for the earthquake that hit Haiti. 

Fine. OK. They’ve got their theory. Now they have to explain in mundane, scientific terms, exactly how it is that HAARP is supposed to have caused the recent Japanese earthquake. None of the conspiracists anywhere as far as I’m aware, have come forward with any credible theories as to exactly how HAARP did this.

Some people believe that HAARP interferes with the Earth’s magnetic field to cause earthquakes. Again, this is pure speculation and not an explanation. There is not one shred of peer reviewed, scientific evidence anywhere to support this hypothesis. All the HAARP conspiracists, are clutching at straws. They can’t come up with any hard facts, because there aren’t any.

Conspiracists also believe that the ELF’s (extremely low frequency) generated by HAARP, are directed into the ground and cause the techtonic plates to shatter rather like an opera singer shattering a wine glass with a high pitch. This is total pseodo-science bullshit. For anybody who’s actually interested in the science relating to this claim, here goes:

HAARP can generate ELF’s as low as 1 Hertz. This could be used for communication purposes, including contacting submarines. However, the data rate possible over this frequency, is so slow as to be practicaly useless for real time communication. As for these ELF’s being used to create earthquakes, the signal amplitude produced by HAARP is approximately one ten-millionth of the Earth’s natural background frequency. This means that it would be hard to even detect, let alone cause an earthquake. (click on the image to see larger picture)

HAARP conspiracists also maintain that it can cause earthquakes by heating the upper atmosphere using microwaves, although none of them have been able to show how heating a minute part of the upper atmosphere in Alaska would cause an earthquake in Asia. It’s also worth remembering a few of the facts relating to the microwaves generated by HAARP and common domestic microwave oven:

HAARP’s maximum frequency is 10 MHz, and the dielectric heating effect of a microwave oven requires 2.5 GHz, or 250 times higher than HAARP. Dielectric heating also requires reversing the polarity of the field more than a million times a second, one thousand times HAARP’s fastest frequency.

If anybody reading this web page has any real, scientific evidence that shows how HAARP could be responsible for altering the weather or creating earthquakes, controlling people’s minds etc etc, then I’d be very glad to hear about it. If you have any scientifically based, evidence of this nature, then please post it in comments. We’d all be very interested to read about it.

Here’s a link to a professor of nuclear physics’ blog, where he totally debunks the ridiculous HAARP conspiracy theories. Worth reading if you genuinely interested in being objective about this topic!


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